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Besides God and my family, I have three big loves: baking, travel and writing. As soon as I could reach the counter, my mother taught me how to cream the butters and sugars. In later years, my father took up baking bread as a way to deal with work-related frustrations. He shared what he learned with me. This passion for baking lead me to a 20-year job as the Desserts and Baking Editor for About.com, which was owned by The New York Times. I have created over a thousand pieces of content such as recipes, articles and how-to baking features online. Even though About.com no longer exists, a lot of my content can still be found via The Spruce Eats website or even easier Google me. Since then I’ve written four books, 3 cookbooks and 1 travel, adventure recipe book. My fourth book, BREAD MACHINE SOURDOUGH COOKBOOK was published in November 2021. Order your copy today – https://www.amazon.com/dp/1638077371/carrollpelleg-20/

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